BREMEX ANNSYS system for hump yards

The system reduces high frequency noise, which occurs during the wagon braking in the process of marshalling on a marshalling station with hump. Before this technology was introduced this particular high frequency noise had been a world’s unsolved problem. With this solution it is possible almost completely (for 99 %) reduce the braking noise at the source of its formation. 

The device uses in its operation a special environmentally friendly composite material (CHFC material) type DBM-50 which is applied directly onto the part of the wagon wheel flank which is in contact with the rail brake during braking. Timely and precise measured applied material on a wagon wheel creates an intermediate layer of material which is thermally decomposed in the braking process. The combination of device BREMEX ANNSYS with material DBM-50 presents a systematic solution for reducing the braking noise at the source of its formation for more than 30 dB.

The BREMEX ANNSYS “Basic” device is suitable for all types of track brakes and it is usually placed at the track before the brake/brakes. By using one device it is possible that more brakes are supplied simultaneously.

The applied material DBM-50 strongly reduces the shocks and vibrations of moving parts on the brakes, resulting in a prolonged lifetime of braking pads and other moving parts of the brakes. Consequently the required maintenance work on the brake is reduced.


  •  99 % reduction of high frequency braking noise

  •  Reduces vibrations and strokes on the rail brake

  •  Effective anti-wear protection of rail braking segments and wagon wheel flanks

  •  Effective anti-noise and anti-wear protection for exposed parts on the switches, check rails, etc

  •  Operates at all extreme weather conditions with the same material (DBM 50)


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