CL-E1 system for rails in curves

CL-E1 wayside system reduces squeal noise on sharp-radius curves and wear out caused by friction between rail and wheel.


The system can apply the friction agent with boreholes or with blades. The boreholes are made into the rail head, what enables expanding of the material onto the precisely defined point on the rail head. The boreholes offer, despite extremely low consumption of friction agent, high noise and wear reduction.  The results had shown a decrease of the squealing noise up to 14 dBA at low frequency and up to 30 dBA at high frequency, which is, in comparison to other noise solutions, a significant added value to noise mitigation on railways. The results also showed that by using of appropriate friction agent (CHFC material) the wear out was reduced more than 2.5 times which proportionally reduces the maintenance costs of railroads and rail vehicles.

The system with boreholes can be installed also in the middle of curve and doesn’t need to be removed when ordinary works on railways occurs.




  • Outstanding noise reduction (up to 30 dB)

  • Highly effective protection against wear

  • High IRR (internal rate of return)

  • Standalone option

  • Underground option


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Video simulation: