DRYproANNSYS on board system

This on board  system is designed for reduction of noise and wear out of wheel flanges, caused by friction between wheels and rails. There are two types of devices:

- system which requires compressed air - DRYproANNSYS "ss"

- system which does not require compressed air - DRYproANNSYS "bs"


DRYproANNSYS "bs" system is specially designed for vehicles (tramways, suburban trains and metros, etc.), which don’t have their own compressed air at disposal on board.



  • ​Outstanding noise reduction on source​

  • Effective protection against wear – wheel and rail (GCC, RCF and corrugation)

  • Environmentally friendly materials

  • Ability to apply the material on wheel with or without compressed air

  • Safe and reliable working of the system

  • Optimal dosing volume of CHFC material

  • Each dosing quantity can be set individually

  • Simple for assembling and maintaining

  • Great flexibility of the system according to user needs

  • System allows applying of the material to one wheel at four points according to specific problem (noise and/or wear problem)


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